Responsible consumption

DrinkRituals wants to deliver a message of moderation so that alcohol consumption remains a pleasurable experience synonymous with festivities and conviviality. The success of our activities is ensured because we fight vigorously against excessive or inappropriate drinking practices.

Our approach builds on the following principles:

1. Encourage moderate consumption: Do not drink more than the weekly amounts recommended by public health officials. Overconsumption of alcohol can have serious consequences.

2. Prevent underage drinking: Only people of the legal drinking age or above should drink alcohol. Legislation on selling alcohol to minors should be enforced.

3. Prevent drinking and driving: If you drink, don’t drive. We want to help prevent consumers driving under the influence of alcohol.

4. Discourage drinking during pregnancy: We recommend that pregnant women should avoid consuming alcohol.

5. Responsible marketing: We have set ambitious self-regulating standards for how we communicate with our consumers.

Our brands

We have the following brands in our range.

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