Zorah Yeraz

ZORAH-YERAZ, The Armenian for dream. ZORAH’s Cru wine “yeraz” is a culmination of many dreams in Zorah’s project and the visit card from Armenia, showing the full potential of Armenia, is made solely from Areni Noir grapes from small batch ancient bush vineyards ‘older than time’ (secular vines) at 1600 meters above sea level. Fermentation takes place naturally in rough temperature controlled concrete tanks, while the aging is part in traditional amphorae and part in large untoasted casks. The aging is done for 2 years in traditional Armenian amphorae & in 31HL untoasted casks, after which the aging continues for 18 months in bottles before leaving the winery. The symbolic launch for this wine was made last year at the summit of Mount Ararat (Armenia’s spiritual mountain) together with Masters of wine (Tim Atkin & Caroline Gilby among others) and Decanter dedicated an article as the world’s highest wine launch. It is in a very limited quantities.


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