White wine

Armenian White Wine is not very known in the Netherlands yet. This is the reason that the selling points are very limited. In particular Armenians who live in the Netherlands among others regard this as a big shortcoming. It is time to change.

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A rich wine tradition

Armenia is already producing wine for 6,100 years. The original traditions are still reserved by the winemakers today. And exactly that craftsmanship and tradition can be found in the flavour of the Armenian white wine. Together with the exuberant Mediterranean sun.

Domestic grape varieties from the Ararat Valley

The Ararat Valley is located in the south west in the main wine region where most grapes are grown for wine production. The most famous grape varieties is Voskehat, but also Garandmak, Chilar, Mskhali, Kangun and Benants are excellent varieties.

An extraordinary Armenian white wine

Armenian white wine is very special. To produce white wine the grapes should be harvested as late as possible. This creates irresistible ripe fruit flavours that makes the Armenian white wine authentic.

Popular Armenian white wine

The best Armenian-selling white wines are the Karasi and the Arani. This wine is elegant and intense. The flavour is dry and will be delicious with salads and dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine. Also the Urzana, Voskepar, Kakhet and Voski are popular Armenian white wines. Discover the brandy of DrinkRituals and feel like you are in this beautiful and diverse country.

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