France is not the only place where special wines are produced; Armenia is also home to some marvellous rosé wines. Armenian rosé is not yet as well-known in the Netherlands, and the number of outlets selling it is fairly limited. Armenian rosé wine is one thing that Armenians living in the Netherlands particularly miss. It is time to change that.

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A rich wine tradition

The Syrah grapes, which this wine is made of, were already well known in Europe more than 1000 years ago. During the Crusades they were imported into France from the Middle East. The other grape variety that is used for making rosé is the Areni.

Due to Armenia’s high altitudes, the vineyards are also located at a high altitude, of some 1600 metres. This means that the grape varieties are immune to the phyllovera bacterium.
Most of the grapes from Armenia are used as table grapes, but we wish to offer you the chance to enjoy this still unknown, but delicious rosé wine.

Syrah grapes for sturdy Rosé wine

The Syrah grape, also referred to as Shiraz, is a sturdy, full flavoured grape that needs a lot of sunlight. It produces its best wines in a warm, dry climate, and naturally Armenia has no shortage of this. If the grape is cultivated properly it gains a thick peel, which doesn’t just give the wine a lot of colour, but also a considerable quantity of tannin. The aroma varies from carnations, violets to chocolate tones, black cherries and berries. The rich flavour of the Syrah wines reminds you of black pepper, plums, a hint of tobacco and chocolate.

Sturdy Areni grape for full-bodied rosé wines

The Areni grape is an ancient grape variety which is native to the country. It grows near Armenia’s border. This too has a firm, thick peel, is resistant to many diseases and can survive harsh winters. The Areni produces dry and semi dry full-bodied rosé wines which are renowned for their high quality. The flavours vary from aromatic to cherry-like and contain the warm flavour of spices.

Extensive selection of Armenian rosé wines

DrinkRituals has an extensive selection of Armenian rosé wines within its collection. In particular the Areni and Syrah are very popular Armenian rosé wines.

Discover all of Armenia’s rosé wines and imagine yourself for a moment in this beautiful and highly diverse country.

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