Red wine

Armenian Red Wine is not very known in the Netherlands yet. This is the reason that the selling points are very limited. In particular Armenians who live in the Netherlands among others regard this as a big shortcoming. It is time to change.

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A rich wine tradition

Armenia is the oldest Christian country in the world where wine is already produced for about 6,100 years. Until today all traditions for producing wine are retained. During the work in the vineyard and cellar everything is done to achieve the highest quality red wine possible. And exactly that craftsmanship and tradition can be found in the flavour of the Armenian red wine. Together with the exuberant Mediterranean sun.

Domestic grape varieties

Due to the high location of Armenia the vine yards are located at a height of 1000 to 1500 meter. On stony and volcanic soils. The Ararat Valley is located in the south west in the main wine region where most grapes are grown for wine production. In Armenia about 400 varieties are grown, but most are table grapes. About 30 native grape varieties are grown in the country and a part of that are used for wine.

The Areni grape for Armenian wines

The most famous red grape of Armenia is the “Areni”. This variety is able to survive the harsh winters and delivers impressive Armenian red wines. The Areni is the ‘signature grape’ of Armenia. A variety of top quality. It means blood in Armenian.

It provides fruit and structure. It is used for dry and half dry full-bodied wines.

Wide range of Armenian red wines

DrinkRituals has a wide range of Armenian red wines in her product range. In particular the Karasi, Nuraz, Areni and the Vanakan are popular Armenian red wines.

Discover the brandy of DrinkRituals and feel like you are in this beauful and diverse country.

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