Pomegranate Red Wine


Though the fruit of the pomegranate has been known to the mankind for thousands of years, it is very selectively used in winery. The world knows only several sorts of pomegranate with succulence and saccharinity sufficient enough for winery. These unique sorts include the Armenian succulent pomegranate that grows in the heated sun of Syunik, the most southern region of the country.

The semi-sweet wine is produced in accordance with the unique technology of the Gevorkian Winery winemakers from the pomegranates cultivated in Meghri orchards in the heated sun of the most southern region of Armenia – Syunik!

The wine has a deep ruby-red color and a purple sparkle, a refreshing acidity, an intensive aroma and the flavor of pomegranate kernels, a pleasant astringency of the fruit skin and a long-lasting pomegranate aftertaste with pleasant and gentle tannins.


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