Armenia is the cradle of wines and brandies in the world. The country where lots of beautiful brandies come from. And that is not without a reason as they are already growing grapes since ancient times. Also the location of Armenia is particularly favourable. The country possesses all the components to make a nice brandy: the abundant sunshine in the Ararat Valley, the crystal clear water of the mountains and the fertile soil. You can taste the source of the grape and the handcraft of the maker.

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Domestic grape varieties from the Ararat Valley

Usually pure domestic grape varieties from the Ararat Valley are used for the production of Armenian brandy. The most famous grape variety is Voskevat, but also Garandmak, Chilar, Mskhali, Kangun and Benants are excellent varieties. The grapes for the brandy are collected in the months September and October. At this time, the sugar levels in the grapes are not high yet, which is important for the specific taste of brandy.

Excellent flavour

Armenian brandy is of very high quality, flavoured and diverse. Due to the strong continental climate in Armenia, with temperatures that vary from -10 to +40, the Armenian brandy has a special softness and harmony in its flavour. Enjoy fine Armenian brandy with your self-prepared local Mediterranean meal.

Wide range of Armenian Brandies

DrinkRituals has several Armenian brandies in her product range. In particular the Ararat is a popular Armenian brandy. Discover the brandy of DrinkRituals and feel like you are in this beautiful and diverse country.

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